Fine Art



These images explore the idea of struggle between nature and humanity. Since the beginning of agriculture, humans have worked diligently to dominate the world in which we live, all in the name of convenience. I’m fascinated with the persistence of nature to thrive despite the overwhelming ravages of humankind. At any given time, nature can be seen taking back its space and enveloping the industrial landscape we have created. The remnants of industry rust, crack, peel and fade. Nature endures.

In considering our over-reliance upon material goods, I am reminded of the reality of nature. These natural subjects invoke a new perspective on the beauty of spaces reclaimed. The man-made subjects, in the midst of decay and change, renew my realization of the mass-produced thing. Black and white photography as a medium emphasizes the details of nature, as well as the textures of decay and the coldness of the material thing itself. Many of the subjects are brought close to the viewer. These heightened details reveal to us the transformations that we miss from day to day.